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Through our 20 years' experience producing and selling led street lights, we have seen anevolution in- the -way t-o -sell -the whole solar lighting systems. HOMMIIEE is focused on exporting its high-quality street lighting systems to emerging markets in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. New companies and markets want to emerge and expand, but often can't rely on a past experience to sell led lighting systems.

Here comes HOMMIIEE. We are here to support and help our customers achieve sustainable development and accompany them on their way to growth.

See below all the benefits you can get in becoming an official distributor of HOMMIIEE products.

Marketing Support

 You will receive marketing material, including product datasheets, brochures, roll up banners, pens…. (see our marketing offer)

 HOMMIIEE will sponsor a reseller reward system for your market.

 You will be sent official HOMMIIEE outfit (shirt ,cap, helmet and work outfit for installers).

 Digital marketing promotion of your projects.


 Discount on all HOMMIIEE range of products (solar panels, controllers
inverters, batteries, solar road lights…)

 Your final client will love our temperature adjustment system.

 our final client will love our patent monitoring system.
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Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province


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