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Advantages of the solar street lights

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Advantages of the solar street lights:

1. No need of cables, no location restrictions, easy installation.

2. The system cost is high and the initial investment is large.

3. Solar street lights do not need to pay electricity fees and are not subject to power outage restrictions.

4. Solar street lights save energy, promote environmental protection, are pollution-free, and conform to the development direction of today's society.

5. Incorporate the concept of new energy and new technology.

6. The cost of solar street lights is generally higher than that of ordinary street lights, and the quality is also greatly improved.

7. If all the costs incurred during the construction of the same scale are taken into account, the initial investment of solar street lights is similar to that of ordinary street lights. The installation cost of ordinary street lights varies according to the scale. The larger the scale, the higher the related costs. In contrast, the initial investment will be higher than that of solar street lights; compared with solar street lights, it will save a lot.

8. The transportation cost of ordinary street lights is significantly higher than that of solar street lights. And will increase according to the increase in transportation volume.

9. During use, solar street lights are easily affected by weather and use environment. At present, this stability can be changed through technology and control methods.

10. Ordinary street lights consume more electricity in terms of power consumption after they have been used. Even if solar panels are not used in the same environment, solar street lights, especially solar LED street lights, are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan.

11. Solar street lights are more independent during operation, and are easier to be controlled with more advanced technology.

12. Solar street lights can be used for electric emergency and backup electric energy.

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