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Advantages and prospects of solar energy

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      With the continuous improvement of society's living standards, people's environmental awareness is also increasing. However, it cannot be ruled out that some of the street lamps in the society still have certain safety hazards and environmental pollution. In order to have a better living environment, the newly launched new energy solar street lamps use inexhaustible and indispensable solar energy sources. , So what are its advantages and prospects?

     First, the installation of the mains lighting street lamp is complicated: In the mains lighting project, there are complicated operation procedures. First of all, the cables must be laid. This requires the excavation of the cable trench, the laying of a large number of basic projects such as hidden pipes, pipe threading, and backfilling. After a long time of installation and commissioning, if there is a problem with any line, a large area of rework is required, and the terrain and line requirements are complex, and the cost of labor and auxiliary materials is high

    Solar street lights are easy to install: when the solar street lights are installed, just make a cement base and fix it with stainless steel screws

    Second, the mains lighting street lamp has potential safety hazards: the mains lighting street lamp is subject to many safety hazards due to the impact of construction quality, landscape engineering renovation, material aging, abnormal power supply, and conflicts between water and electrical pipelines.

    There are no hidden dangers to solar energy street lamps: Solar street lamps are ultra-low voltage products, which are stable, safe and reliable.

    Third, the electricity cost of the city lighting street lamp is expensive: the city lighting street lamp has a very high electricity fee during the work, and it is necessary to maintain and replace the line and other configurations for a long time without interruption, and the maintenance cost will increase year by year.

     Solar street lamps are free of electricity: one-time investment in solar street lamps without any maintenance costs, investment costs can be recovered in three years, and long-term benefits.

      It can be seen that the solar street lamp has so many advantages, and its prospect is as bright as the light. The promotion of solar LED street lamps in recent years has found a combination of solar energy and LED lighting. Solar LED street lights have added solar panels and special batteries. At the same time, ordinary sodium lamps have been replaced with LED lamps. Solar energy is collected through the panels during the day, and then converted into DC power to be stored in the storage battery. At night, the battery is powered to provide power for the lamps. At present, the price of solar street lamps is relatively expensive, which is about 3 times that of general street lamps, but the maintenance cost in the later stage is low. Since the solar street lamp adopts distributed circuit control, the switch and energy conversion of the street lamp are all intelligently controlled, and no manual operation is required, so the maintenance cost is reduced.

    Since 1998, the application of solar LED lamps has entered a new stage. However, this kind of lamp also has many defects, for example, its main component resistance and the maximum life of the transistor does not exceed 8000 hours, which means that the service life of solar LED lamps is only 8000 hours. Therefore, how to extend the use of solar LED Lifespan has always been a problem that has troubled people in the industry.

    However, compared with traditional street lights, LED street lights have taken advantage, green and environmental protection, can add new points for the development and promotion of noble ecological communities, and can continuously reduce the cost of property management. Reduce the cost of the public share of the owners. Can be launched The prospect of solar street lights is very optimistic.

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