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What is solar smart light?
Solar street light etheric sunlight as the energy, storage battery, LED lamp as the light source, charge during the day and use at​ night, no complex and expensive pipeline laying, can adjust the layout of the lamp, safe, energy saving, pollution-free, no manual operation, stable and reliable, energy saving and maintenance free.
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What are the advantages and principles of led intelligent street lamps?
According to the current situation of street lighting in China, after 9 o 'clock in the evening in small cities, after 2 o 'clock in the​ morning in large and medium-sized cities, pedestrians and vehicles on the road have gradually become scarce.
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What is the design specifications and standards solar lamp pole?
The LED street light as a whole has specific specifications and standards before design.
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What is intelligent street lamps?
Intelligent street lamp is also called intelligent street lamp, or intelligent street lamp and intelligent lighting.
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Intelligent street lamp control system solution
The current urban street lamps are mainly illuminated by high-pressure sodium lamps, which have some problems such as low light efficiency, short life and environmental pollution caused by recycling.
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