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High-voltage LED will dominate the future LED general lighting market
With the advent of the first year of the LED general lighting market, LED lighting fixtures will account for more than 10% of the total lighting fixtures. Due to the emergence of high-voltage LEDs, most LED chip suppliers face a danger of being out, and the low-voltage LED chips they produce will be
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Solar street lamp -- "New Star" of new rural road lighting
Solar lamp lighting is the use of solar energy energy conversion, charging during the day and use at night, without any external power supply, safe and reliable, green energy saving. Because of its incomparable characteristics such as environmental protection, energy saving and high efficiency, it
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Solar security flood lights of the advantages
1. apply to all outdoor venue for one of the characteristics of solar LED cast light lamps and lanterns is not influenced by the external environment, so they can consider big city districts clear for street community, ecological park, building and other equipment, lighting lamps and lanterns of dec
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Solar street lights---the ways to improve the brightness of it
Nowadays, many rural areas are using solar street lights, but the configuration of solar street lights is uneven and there is no fixed standard. Some solar street lights have a large configuration, so their brightness must be high, and some solar street lights have a small configuration, then their
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Solar Street Light-- how to choose solar street lights
Whether it is on the backbone of the city, the trail in the countryside, the factory or the community, we can always see the presence of solar street lights. It is widely used in our time. It's not surprising that more and more fish and dragons, and new areas, make it easy for customers to make diff
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