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What are led flood lights
LED flood light is a common outdoor lighting fixture at night. It is loved by people for its energy saving, environmental protection, bright colors, long service life, and good visual effects. Especially when the lights are on at night, the products of LED flood light manufacturers create colorful v
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Global renewable energy power investment will usher in explosive growth
A few days ago, the industry consulting agency Frost & Sullivan released the latest forecast report. As the cost of renewable energy power generation continues to fall, and many countries provide strong policy support for the development of renewable energy power, the total global renewable energy p
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Photovoltaic system in Hong Kong campus
It is reported that the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will build a renewable energy project containing 8,000 photovoltaic modules on the campus.The first phase of the power generation system will start in July 2020. Solar panels are installed in more than 50 buildings on the campus.
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New and most efficient solar cells development
Scientists at the SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRMIST) in India have developed a new molecular precursor that can be used in diatomaceous earth films based on the same compound for thin-film solar cells. It is said that its efficiency is the highest on record.The superconducting solar ce
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Street Light Pole Production Process
1. Light Pole Taper Steel Plate Cutting ProcessWe use cut to length machine to uncoil, level, cut, scrape edge and taper, then we can get one side small width, one side big width steel plate.2. Light Pole Taper Steel Plate Bending ProcessWe use CNC tandem press brake machine to bend conical or polyg
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