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New rural road lighting renovation project --HOMMIIEE Solar
Due to the uneven distribution of energy, the Chinese government has implemented new rural reconstruction for many remote rural areas where electricity is scarce. HOMMIIEE Solar has the honor to participate in this huge project that benefits the people.
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Newest Design of Solar Street Light
When we prepare the more than 20 years operating cost analysis of solar led street lights with gird-tied street lights, we are so excited to find out we also save much costs in 20 year operating of solar street lights compared to grid-tied street lights.
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60W all-in-one solar LED street lights
In 2019,HOMMIIEE successfully completed all in one solar street light project in in Wuhan.All in one solar street light is integrated automatic cleaning solar panel and wireless monitoring system.
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Hommiiee broke through itself in the field of energy storage and power generation
The ability to manage money competently is especially valuable quality in the conditions of financial crisis, when the purchasing power of the population is shrinking, inflation is rising, and currency exchange rates are completely unpredictable.
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8th China (Yangzhou) Outdoor lighting Expo,2019
For search and selection of necessary staff, a variety of means from the arsenal of psychological science is used : biographical questionnaires, standardized and non-standartized interviews, jobs, modelling work and situational exercises, tests on achievement, personality, intelligence.
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