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Advantages of integrated all-in-one street lights

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Advantages of integrated all-in-one street lights

A.Environmental protection

    Compared with traditional street lights, solar street lights mainly rely on solar energy ,the most environmentally friendly energy source in the world. The batteries of solar street lights will be recycled when they cannot be used, and the pollution index is almost zero.


    Different from the traditional street lights using 220v voltage, the 12-24v low voltage power supply makes solar street lights safer and avoids the danger of leakage and fire when the street lights fail

C.Energy saving

    Solar street lights use inexhaustible solar energy, no need to consume non-renewable energy to generate electricity for lighting.

D.Less investment

    The price of  traditional street lights in the early stage is lower than solar street lights,  but other costs of traditional street lights are very high, such as control boxes, cables, maintenance, etc., while solar street lights are a one-time investment and there is no maintenance cost.

E.Easy installation

    When installing solar street lights, the amount of construction is extremely low. There is no need to ditch and bury cables, and there is no need to build power stations around. Just install a cement base and fix it with stainless steel. Even integrated solar street lights can be installed on existing poles or walls. Installation, the installation process will not take more than 10 minutes, more than 50 can be installed a day.


    Solar street lights are almost free from geographical restrictions when installed. Solar street lights can be installed wherever there is sunshine, whether in mountainous areas, grasslands, or fields.

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