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1kw-5kw Solar Power System

Rated AC output power:1-5KW
Rated output voltage:230V 
Rated output frequenc:50/60 Hz
Rated output current:4-22A
Series of output waveform : Pure sine wave


1kw-5kw Solar Power System price-HOMMIIEE

The HOMESOL is an energy storage solution that utilizes groups of batteries to store energy from the grid or solar PV system, allows you to save money every single day by harvesting energy from your solar PV system or the grid when it is cheapest, powering your home when no electric supplied or rates are more expensive. The system accepts variety of storage capacities and configurations, easily integrates with new and existing solar panels to manage power to manage extensibility and expansion. It is a wisdom choice for your budget and in the event of a power outage.

1kw-5kw Solar Power System suppliers-HOMMIIEE


PV Input 
Number Of Inputs 1112
Maximum DC Power (KW) 1200230032003200
Maximum DC Voltage (V) 45045500500
MPPT Voltage Range (V) 80~400120~400250~450250~450
Maximum DC Current (A) 10101818
Power Input
Input Voltage (V)230±15%230±15%230±15%230±15%
Rated Frequency (HZ) 50/6050/6050/6050/60
AC Output
Rated Output Power (KW) 1235
Series Of Output Waveform Pure sine wavePure sine wavePure sine wavePure sine wave
Rated Output Voltage (V)230±10%230±10%230±10%230±10%
Rated Output Frequency (HZ) 50/6050/6050/6050/60
Rated Output Current (A) 4.5913.622.6
Maximum Output Current (A) 5101525
Storage Rated Voltage(V) 48484896
Storage Capacity (Kwh)9.614.419.228.8
System Efficiency (%) >92>92>92>92
Operating Temperature (℃) 20~6020~6020~6020~60
Noise Level (dB) <40<40<40<40
Protection Class IP20IP20IP20IP20
Communication Protocol


(wifi Optional)


(wifi Optional)


(wifi Optional)


(wifi Optional)

Dimension(mm) 1200*600*6001600*600*6001600*700*7001600*1100*600
Weight(kg) 220380510680


Never Worry About the Lights Going Out

HOMESOL is specially designed to provide your family peace of mind in the event of a power outage. Our detection system will sense outage in real-time and switch over to batteries automatically at the first time.

Harvest Cheaper Energy to Use Later

Our integrated smart HOMESOL manage energy use throughout the day, detecting when there is excess power and storing it for use at night. The HOMESOL is the right choice for every home and every budget.

Easy installation

Pre-engineered for application engineers and installers without solar power system expertise to select and install optimally sized and compatible. Easy to install with professional design and pre-configuration to remove all the guesswork on sizing, capacity and compatibility of all components and wiring.

Working Mode

With HOMESOL, we cater to an experience beyond just solar energy. HOMESOL provides savings, comfort, peace of mind, and security all conveniently mange from your smart devices.

best 1kw-5kw solar power system Working Mode-HOMMIIEE

Morning-Minimal energy production, high energy requirements

At sunrise, the solar PV modules start to produce energy, although not enough to cover the needs. HOMESOL will bridge the gap with the stored energy from the previous day quickly. For the system without panels, energy consumes from the stored. 

Midday- Highest energy production, lowest energy requirements

In the daytime, the energy generated from the solar PV modules or grid rates is at its peak. But since nobody is home with very low energy consumption so that energy is stored in HOMESOL.

Evening- Low energy production, highest energy requirements

The highest daily energy consumption is in the evening while no energy produced by solar PV modules or the grid is at its most expensive rates. The HOMESOL will guarantee all the energy need now.

1kw-5kw solar power system supply-HOMMIIEE



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